Monday, July 29, 2013

This is the lane to our casa. It's about 40 c in the shade today a good excuse to stay in and build my blog.
We are up for sale now as we are hoping to move to Australia to be with our girls. We love our beautiful casa but miss the girls so much. Time just fly's doesn't it?  If you would like to see the rest of the casa I have put the link in here
It is such a wonderful place to live so peaceful and quiet. Inland Andalusia is so different from the costa's. In the spring the lanes are full of wild flowers and Asparagus.  The people are friendly and the most helpful neigbours I have ever come across. They give you a feeling of belonging to an extended family.
Our Spanish is by no stretch of the imagination perfect, but instead of being impatient they just try really hard to understand what you are wittering on about. Mind you if I go to any other part of Spain they can't understand my very local dialect. I learned most of my Spanish from " The Ladies What Walk" That's my nick name for the lovely group of women that walk along the lane past our casa each day.  I join them often and try my best to join in the chattering. Sometimes when I get the jist of the topic wrong I see them try not to smile and sometimes they just burst out laughing. I will miss them allot.
Most have had a hard life but would share their last loaf with  you.

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