Monday, November 11, 2013

Gathering Wood

It was so beautiful this morning we decided to go to do a bit of hunter gathering. Well gathering anyway. After the lake has gone down a little there is alway loads of wood left on the side, all the broken branches that have fallen into the rivers that run into the lake all end up on the side ready for us to go collect them. Trouble is once you start you can't stop it's addictive and gets really competitive. Look at this one he shouts  this one is bigger I shout back, and so it goes on until we are both exhausted and ready for the coffee and cake we brought with us.    


  1. We're very alike in some ways you know. I get ridiculously competitive when we're looking for fossils on the beach. In fact, I sometimes wonder if the Mr deliberately doesn't pick some up just so I can win and we can finally go home...
    Is that a skull on the lower right, or just skull shaped wood?

  2. Heather funny you should say that I brought that one home for the garden. It is now a piece of wood art and looks fab.