Friday, November 15, 2013

Scrumping for Pomegranates.

Well with all the hype about how good Pomegranates are for you we decided to go scrumping for some. The huge tree by the side of the spring up the mountain has lots on it. The sad thing is they are just left to fall on the floor or burst open and rot. So we were doing a good turn liberating them weren't we?  
We had great fun knocking them down not as easy as you may think I nearly fell in the well a few times. 
The spring comes out of the mountain and into a kind of tank well thingie. Gives me the creeps a bit to tell the truth. 

 Our wonderful gleanings,they are so juicy this is a before photo. 
 Now a word of warning if you do decide to juice  them don't clean the kitchen before. They sort of explode even using my fabby dabby juicer it seemed to get everywhere. Quite a pretty colour though.
This much juice from just half of those in the photo. Yummy.

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